Surf is an acoustically transparent fabric installed as the surface component in sound absorbing ceilings and walls. 

It is nearly 10 feet wide, has a slight degree of stretch, and is flame retardant. As of 2019, Surf is available custom order only with a minimum order quantity of 300 lineal yards. Lead time is 4-8 weeks.



  • Surf works with all major track systems on the market, including Whisperspan, Novawall, FabriTRAK, FabricMate, Softwalls, and others.

  • Surf provides a consistent covering for speakers, speaker walls and adjacent wall surfaces.

  • Surf is an excellent projection screen.

  • Surf is often used in specialty applications, such as banners and light diffusers.



  • Surf comes in one standard color, Natural, which is plaster-white.

  • Surf can be custom colored by dyeing or printing.



  • Custom print projects normally require 1 week lead time to match your paint chip and 2-3 weeks production.

  • Surf is printed at 126" or 129" wide.